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A vast Brisbane rose garden is still blooming after 100 years, but how did it withstand the Sunshine State’s floods, humidity and extreme heat?

New Farm Park’s rose garden, located in one of the city’s most popular suburbs, holds 2,500 roses of different varieties and colours.

Established 1914, the heritage-listed park started with 800 roses planted in 1916, and by 1940 the state’s tourism bureau reported that rose numbers had swelled to 20,000.

Queensland Rose Society president and Australian Rose Society vice-president Paul Hains said over the years the park housed some of the country’s finest flowers.

“It was once a much larger garden then, but now there’s still thousands of roses and in international terms it’s considered a major rose garden.”

Among the varieties are classics such as Iceberg, Playboy, Peace and Mister Lincoln roses.

The varieties are marked throughout the gardens and many are trialed by the Queensland Rose Society before planting.

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