New Farm History

A couple of years ago, Ron Altmann, a good man, a serious yachtie, a New Farm State School Old Boy with very long ties with this area, had an idea that there would be many people who do and did live in these parts, who just might want to share some of their neighbourly and New Farm recollections.

What has happened is that Ron has overseen the setting up of a very popular digital platform for the sharing of local memories and then some.

Contributors and followers now number over 2,500 with interest growing by the week. Some of these people are very keyboard active and have become household names.

Places and names like the New Farm State School, the Astor Theatre, Oxlade Drive, Heal Street, James Street, Teneriffe Wharves, Wool Stores, HMAS Moreton and even Trams are all getting another airing.

Enjoy this wonderful Facebook connect.

view the New Farm History Facebook Group

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