General facilities

General facilities


General facilities

  •   Concrete pathways run throughout the park to allow accessibility for wheelchair users.
  •   Three public toilets are located in the park (the toilet near the Croquet lawns is available 24/7).
Toilets located close to the playground

Water (bubblers/taps) can be found throughout the park, including a wheelchair accessible drinking tap at booking site: Area 3 Ferry View.

Wheelchair accessible watertap


Park booking sites

There are four sites that can be booked in advance at New Farm Park:

  •   Powerhouse View: Large, flat, grassy area on the riverfront (non-powered site). Capacity: 63 people.
  •   River View: Large, flat, grassy area on the riverfront (powered site). Capacity: 137 people.
  •   Ferry View: Large, flat, grassy area on the riverfront (non-powered site). Capacity: 32 people.
  •   Rotunda: Elevated rotunda with permanent chairs located around the rotunda edges (powered site). Capacity: 40 people.

To book:

Council prohibits jumping castles, and there are restrictions on the number and size of marquees that can be used for designated sites.

For more details visit the council website:


Electric BBQs:

The free BBQs are first come first serve and you just need to bring the essentials to the site. Press the button and it will turn on for a set amount of time (10-20 minutes). There are also wood-fired BBQs (check descriptions for usage). You will find multiple barbeques in the grassy area beside the river.


Coffee Hut

The New Farm Park Coffee Hut is a perfect place to chill and eat, located near the playground. It opens from 8:15am – 4:45pm on weekdays and slightly later (5pm) on weekends. They sell ice-cream, snacks and a selection of hot and cold drinks.



The historic New Farm Rotunda creates a grand backdrop for special events, gatherings of friends and family and concerts. There are permanent chairs located around the edges. It is one of the four sites in the park that can be booked through the Brisbane City Council. Pets and children are allowed in the 24/7 area.

New Farm Park Rotunda



The towering maze of fig trees and wooden architectures makes the playground a popular family gathering spot. The area includes ladders and slides for children as well as educational games. Adventurous individuals can try the swing set and the massive climbing fort next to the main playground.

New Farm Park playground


Dog park:

Your pups can run free in the 24/7 off-leash dog park near the Brisbane Powerhouse. While you’re there, enjoy the river view and the Jacaranda blossoms in October. There are water fountains, trees, and benches in the fully fenced area. It is a good place for people and dogs to relax and play, but don’t forget to clean up after your dog.

Dog park


Free Wi-Fi:

Free wireless internet is provided by the Brisbane City Council to create a more accessible and connected city. It is available in the park 24/7 and can cover about 20-50 meters around each hotspot. There are four hotspots in New Farm Park: New Farm Library, New Farm Park ferry terminal, the entrance to the ring road (Brunswick Street), and near the pathway at the South-Eastern end of the park near the rotunda.

Free WiFi is available 24/7 in New Farm Park 



There is access to electricity at various power points in the park – there are powerpoints located at booking sites: Area 2 (River View) and Area 4 (Rotunda). They may operate on different voltages so make sure to check the compatibility of your electronic equipment before connecting.

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