End of the road cafe – New Farm Park

Weekend Notes | Gillian Ching

It would be easy to miss the End of the Road Cafe in New Farm. Located in a cul-de-sac, the cafe is literally at the end of Brunswick Street and at the beginning of Brisbane’s glorious New Farm Park.

Wandering along the winding, tree lined paths of the much loved park, led me to this quaint, little Brisbane cafe.

The cafe is largely an outdoor space with an open, uncovered wooden deck and simple furniture but if offers one of the most stunning views of the Brisbane River. Poinsettia trees provide natural shading with a cove of rich, red flowers during the summer months. How quintessentially Queensland!. Conventional umbrellas are also provided for extra comfort. I took my pooch with me and he was welcomed and even offered his own puppy treats while I sampled the coffee and raisin toast.

With the New Farm Park ferry stop right next to the cafe, a stream of citycat ferrys, yachts and jet skiis regularly and unobtrusively glide past. City Cycles are also conveniently parked beside the cafe.

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