Park’s ping pong proposal

By Anthony, Shi Yan Wong

Inspired by her sons’ sporting passion, Teneriffe resident Fiona Zhou would like the Brisbane City Council to set up a table tennis table in New Farm Park.

Ms Zhou said the addition could attract more visitors and encourage sports participation within various age groups.

“We have basketball, soccer, and tennis fields but a table tennis table occupies a smaller area,” she said.

“Table tennis isn’t as fierce and physical as other kinds (of sports), so it’s more relaxing and easier for seniors to engage.”

She raised the idea due to the inconvenience of her younger son Yiheng Li travelling to play sports.

“He has table tennis training and games in Windsor, and we want regular practices,” she said.

“There’s no such facilities in (our) apartment, and it’s nearly an hour drive for us to get to either one in QUT (Queensland University of Technology) or Hamilton.”

They would like the table tennis facility to be installed near the basketball court.

Ms Zhou and Yiheng Li suggested that apart from adding a table tennis table, the Council also need to address issues like parking and lighting.

“We don’t have enough parking spots here, and it’ll only get more serious following the construction of new apartments,” she said.

“They should add lights to the basketball court. Sometimes I cannot even see at night,” Li added.


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