Our “gateway to the Brisbane River”

Our “gateway to the Brisbane River”

By Kate Lockyer

Howard Smith Wharves’ (HSW) transformation into one of Brisbane’s most iconic precincts is a testament not just to the vision of its creators, but to the camaraderie found across every level of the team.

Founder and Director Adam Flaskas and CEO Luke Fraser opened the precinct in 2019, and as they celebrate HSW’s 5th birthday this November, they reflect on the journey.

“What a ride it’s been. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster of a lot of ups and downs, and it’s needed a lot of grit and determination and passion,” Mr Flaskas said.

“We have had to have an unwavering confidence in our ability to deliver this, because it hasn’t been easy.”

Mr Flaskas said the inspiration for the precinct came from “a lifetime of travelling around the world”, bringing great ideas and experiences from all around the world to Brisbane, in a way that suits Brisbane.

“One of the greatest attributes of this precinct is the outdoor space – we have the best weather here in Brisbane… beautiful blue skies and less rainy days than any other state.”

Their next project for the wharves is to build three new pontoons which will create docking points for commercial tour operators, supported with $5.5 million from the Queensland Government’s Attracting Tourism Fund.

“We are excited about bringing to life some great boating experiences for the city, and we really see HSW as the gateway to the Brisbane River,” Mr Flaskas said.

They hope for the crystal blue water and white sandy beaches of the islands of Moreton Bay to become more accessible with tourist operations to run from their pontoons.

HSW just received the first ever Better Brisbane Award at the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards Gala Dinner in October.

Mr Fraser said: “You have to pinch yourself sometimes.”

He said something that has motivated them has been not losing sight of the fun side in the work they do.

“It’s a promise we have made to each other through the whole journey,” Mr Flaskas added.

“It’s hard work, and we want to love what we do, so we make the experience as fun as we can.

“There’s a really deep respect and love and care within our whole business, we are very much a family-style business.”

He said they are humbled at the pride the local community has in HSW.

“I’ve lived here for 20 years as a local and I’m pretty much down here every day and night.”

“I love seeing customers with smiles on their faces and families enjoying the place, so we really strive to make this place the best possible place for the community.”

Luke Fraser and Adam Flaskas

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