Movies and the stars

By Jillian Goh

The scene is set at Brisbane Powerhouse’s new outdoor cinema, with the stars, river, and New Farm Park just next door. Film enthusiasts can now go all year round to the Dendy Powerhouse Outdoor Cinema, the first permanent outdoor cinema in Brisbane.

New Farm resident Kim Reynolds said: “It was an amazing experience.”

Open seven days a week, movies are screened atop massive shipping containers and provide patrons with wireless headphones and outdoor lounge chairs.

“You put your headsets on, and you take a seat – the seats are very comfortable – and you just sit back and watch the movie,” Mr Reynolds said.

Not only will audiences be enchanted by the scenic backdrop and the movie itself – the snacks at this cinema are actually worth the price.

Moviegoers can order glasses of wine or beer, cheese boxes, or classic cinema snacks like choc tops and popcorn, all from the comfort of their reclinable seats via QR codes.

The cinema will also be showcasing a specially curated program of films on Thursday to Sunday evenings, showing both arthouse and mainstream films for all ages.

Dendy Cinemas CEO Sharon Strickland said: “Dendy Powerhouse will screen high-quality curated content across a wide range of genres, aiming to transport audiences on a journey like never before”.

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