To Matt Canavan, Tony Abbott, Craig Kelly et al

I urge you all to read and absorb through all of the remaining undamaged cholesterol-free capillaries in your pampered Canberra-centric bodies the entire set of words written by Chris Kenny in the Weekend Australian today.

I have linked the article in an easy-to-read format, which is now the norm for politicians of both sides, Cory Bernardi and Ms Hansen excepted, since they clearly promote the need for base-load, coal-fired energy systems in their policy pronouncements.

If you dunderheads in the LNP cannot understand the damage you have wrought on our energy situation, and the damage done to the average citizen through their hip pockets, and react positively to the intelligent, accurate statement espoused by Kenny of the energy situation that you have inflicted upon us, then you are all bigger fools than one could ever have expected to find under one roof.

More than that, a case could be made by the ordinary people of Australia to undertake a class action against policy makers who insist on pursuing this damage through policy dogs like the NEG and Snowy Hydro, and an endemic ignorance of the real science at the core of climate matters. And that class action I suggest would not be civil; I think criminal proceedings would be much more appropriate.