The Renewing Great Brisbane Gardens project will revitalise two of the city’s iconic gardens, New Farm Park and the River Terrace parklands at Kangaroo Point.

Both parks will be upgraded and enhanced to be more attractive to users and visitors.

The Renewing Great Brisbane Gardens program demonstrates Brisbane City Council’s commitment to offering world-class lifestyle and leisure opportunities to Brisbane residents and visitors.

New Farm Park upgrades

New Farm Park’s renowned heritage rose gardens will be revitalised by doubling the number of rose bushes, installing irrigation and creating new garden beds.

Stage 1 – complete

Approximately 700 roses were planted in current garden beds in August 2017.

Stage 2

Currently underway, stage 2 of the project involves:

  • extending existing rose garden beds
  • constructing new rose garden beds
  • planting approximately 2000 new plants
  • installing a drip irrigation system into existing and new garden beds
  • installing six new arbours
  • associated landscaping works

Council identified two small Poinciana trees needed to be removed to accommodate the new rose garden beds. Tree removal will be offset in accordance with Council policies and relevant legislative requirements and every effort will be made to minimise environment impacts during construction.

Starting in early June 2018, additional stage 2 works have been identified to further enhance New Farm Park by bringing the area around the rotunda in line with the heritage values of the site and refurbishing the existing picnic area to maximise potential use.

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