From the Park’s patron – Claire Moore

I thought about the Sandakan Memorial near the Brunswick Street entrance, and  reading the names of the Queensland prisoners of war lost in the  horror of the death marches in Borneo. I cannot just walk past monuments, and my friends and family are often frustrated by my need to read inscriptions, particularly when I am truly annoyed by the poor quality of some of the plaques !

Fortunately , the beautiful Sandakan memorial, featuring a sculpture with the route of the 1944/1945 marches in a bronze ribbon, has very clear plaques with a history of the events, and terrible loss, as well as the names of all the Queensland men and the home regions. From across the State , men went to war and did not come home to their families. On this  Remembrance Day, I went back to the monument ,and read the names of men from New Farm, Toowoomba, Townsville, and across the State. I wondered how many of them had walked through New Farm Park, under the Jacarandas, maybe listening to some music , perhaps even dancing and creating memories to take with them .