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Hutton & Hutton- New Farm

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You’ll find these long time Real Estate New Farm people, at the crossroads of Brunswick and Merthyr, New Farm, occupying the corner site where the 7eleven used to be and before that, a long standing Malouf Pharmacy outlet. We remember.

They share this part of the Peninsula with some equally long term and interesting New Farmers; the Deli, Salt Space, Lindsay, the affable key cutting Cobbler, the newly opened Savour, Neil the barber, Nerida and her team at Sun & Earth plus now there’s Dicki’s, who kindly keep, not just H & H caffeinated all day, but so many more.

Karen H. mentioned the other day, while they love working in New Farm, it’s even better to live here.

Co-Working in New Farm

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Salt Space (formerly Salt House) has been providing the New Farm community and wider Brisbane community with a fabulous alternative to working from home, and an option to work remotely for the past 9 and half years in New Farm. It has been the workspace for many individuals and businesses over the years offering a comfortable, friendly place to work.

Located on Level 1, 888 Brunswick Street (cnr of Merthyr Road), in the historic building formerly home to Felthams Corner store and the New Farm Post Office, Salt Space offers a charming atmosphere with its high set ceiling and polished timber floors.

Owners/Managers, Anne and Tom, pride themselves in offering a special environment for its members with plenty of flexibility to meet the diverse needs of its members. Whether you are looking for a desk and internet for a day, a week or a month, your own private office or would like book to the meeting room, Salt Space can assist.
If you would like to experience coworking at Salt Space enquire about trialling a day for free.

Go to or look for the colourful triangles next time you’re walking along Brunswick street and pop up the stairs and introduce yourself.

Chat with Charity Bassett !

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To Matt Canavan, Tony Abbott, Craig Kelly et al

I urge you all to read and absorb through all of the remaining undamaged cholesterol-free capillaries in your pampered Canberra-centric bodies the entire set of words written by Chris Kenny in the Weekend Australian today.

I have linked the article in an easy-to-read format, which is now the norm for politicians of both sides, Cory Bernardi and Ms Hansen excepted, since they clearly promote the need for base-load, coal-fired energy systems in their policy pronouncements.

If you dunderheads in the LNP cannot understand the damage you have wrought on our energy situation, and the damage done to the average citizen through their hip pockets, and react positively to the intelligent, accurate statement espoused by Kenny of the energy situation that you have inflicted upon us, then you are all bigger fools than one could ever have expected to find under one roof.

More than that, a case could be made by the ordinary people of Australia to undertake a class action against policy makers who insist on pursuing this damage through policy dogs like the NEG and Snowy Hydro, and an endemic ignorance of the real science at the core of climate matters. And that class action I suggest would not be civil; I think criminal proceedings would be much more appropriate.

VINE – Restaurant & Bar

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Located at the stated Paris end of New Farm’s Merthyr Road, Vine has been a celebration of fine dining and good company for a very long time, opening in 2005.

We heard it said, that little has changed in all of that time. This closely knit family has gone about providing a great gastronomic experience for all who go there, whether it be to a robust lunch or to the sumptuous dinner. And for us, the almost casual way, the right way, their patrons are greeted and treated, is something that brings us back to the place, time and again.

VINE were recent winners in an expansive Bruschetta competition run by NFP, and featuring 14 other quality eating places, both here in NF, close by and even an international entry. The night when the Judges met the Winners was something quite special, as is the Bruschetta.

visit the website

New Farm Historical Society

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“Gathering information from the past….preserving it for the future.”

This is the long-time motto of the very popular New Farm Historical Society, which does good works in these parts.

They host very well-attended monthly meetings in Merthyr Road, always featuring a formidable array of guest speakers, followed by a sumptuous courtyard afternoon tea.

The Society has become a very active Publisher involving both the history and the charm of New Farm. Gerard Benjamin’s “Reflections on New Farm” and his “Homes and Houses of New Farm” are serious works. Take a look. As well as our local Bookshops, Orders can be placed online via website.

Go to the Society’s website for a fascinating tour of all things New Farm past. Subscribe to the monthly newsletter- it’s a great read.

The Society has spread its influence in recent times, with links to all of what’s happening in this part of Brisbane.

The Teneriffe Festival is on Saturday the 7th July.  The Society has had a formal presence in the Festival from the outset, some 11 years ago. The Festival celebrates its 9th year in 2018. It’ s been a mighty journey.

My Village News

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Arguably the Peninsula’s most informative and popular local publication, MVN is found in almost every public place across the area.

It has always been servicing New Farm, Teneriffe and Newstead and is now circulated to other local ‘burbs, including Spring Hill and Kangaroo Point.

Around about the first day of every month, the latest edition is hand-delivered to thousands of local residents and business houses.

It has been a must go/must read publication for over a decade now and it continues to feature quality news and information about the area and all of those who live and work here. Recent page 3 Editorial posturing has now assumed clout and authority.

Their digital platform is equally impressive, with all back issues online.

Go to

New Farm Deli

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The Deli is likely the heart and soul of the Village. It’s one of New Farm’s most popular dining and catch-up places that one can imagine. We’ve been told it is also the place to be seen.

Owners Vince, Maria and family tell a wonderful story of how they got there, then left and are now back, considerably bigger and better. The recent upgrade/extension of things has worked remarkably well. It is a fine looking place, with a sensational range of product on show. The mix of delicious edibles as well as the coffee and dining options is one of the best we’ve seen.

Their annual Long Lunch held in the Village Centre Carpark has taken public holiday entertainment to new levels. Go to the Facebook page for some great memories of last month’s event. Huge crowds were there again.  Everyone was smiling .

Even early morning breakfast queuing just seems to work.

New Farm History

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A couple of years ago, Ron Altmann, a good man, a serious yachtie, a New Farm State School Old Boy with very long ties with this area, had an idea that there would be many people who do and did live in these parts, who just might want to share some of their neighbourly and New Farm recollections.

What has happened is that Ron has overseen the setting up of a very popular digital platform for the sharing of local memories and then some.

Contributors and followers now number over 2,500 with interest growing by the week. Some of these people are very keyboard active and have become household names.

Places and names like the New Farm State School, the Astor Theatre, Oxlade Drive, Heal Street, James Street, Teneriffe Wharves, Wool Stores, HMAS Moreton and even Trams are all getting another airing.

Enjoy this wonderful Facebook connect.

view the New Farm History Facebook Group

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