Unfrocked frolics in the Park Unfrocked frolics in the Park

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Unfrocked frolics in the Park

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This fellow, as Labor Leader was defeated at the 2004 Federal Election by John Howard. Much has happend since, with Mark Latham now having a quality media presence, unsurprisingly still at its most hard-hitting best, where his thoughts and opinions continue to come under the closest scrutiny. He is controversial, he puts many off side, he can be abrasive, but his thoughts are seen by many to be an approach of "not copping the nonsense". He is an ideologue in pursuit of true Labor values. He also writes very well.

We'll be listing here some of his most interesting works, past and present. As an introduction to this exercise, it is recommended that the reader should source Latham's " The Latham Diaries'" published in 1998. So much of it has wonderful currency, some 20 years later. It can be found in all Municipal Libraries.

On K.Rudd:

“He was such a vicious, egotistic vicious person in the parliamentary history. He destabilised every leader under whom he served. He notoriously sabotaged Labor’s 2010 election campaign with those vengeful leaks. In the long sweep of Labor history, it is hard to find a character who was more destructive inside the caucus, fuelled by his own personal ambition."

Unfrocked frolics in the Park

On Gerard Henderson:

It is said that the definition of a fanatic is someone who redoubles his efforts when all is lost.  This captures the Gerard Henderson method.  Even when he is hopelessly wrong, he keeps churning out correspondence."