April - not what we expected!!

April - not what we expected!!

May 2012

 April was a very interesting month in the world of property. March was an exceptional month; there was plenty of fresh properties bought to the market, rental demand was strong and sales were at their highest level is 12months. April was a more conservative month. Listings were moderate, sales steady and rental demand stayed strong. My view on this is relative to the Easter break, Anzac holiday and elections. There were plenty of distractions to buyers, sellers and agents resulting in a fairly steady result. We listed roughly new properties, sold just over $11 Million in property sales and had a rental vacancy period of under 6 days. This month reminds us that while we have seen a good level of buyer interest and some great results, but that this market is still volatile. The importance of advertising, agent and property presentation is absolutely critical. 

I believe May will produce good results, today’s interest rate drop will see a welcome reception from buyers and the strong interest from tenants should continue to drive rental returns.

On a more personal notes, Yamilla has now enjoyed her first month with us. The overwhelming feedback is that she has settled in well and the new portfolio system is a welcomed change. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly either on hc@rwnf.com.au or my mobile 0421 057 233 if you wish to discuss your investment, the market or our property management team.

Thanks again for your support.


Haesley Cush

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