The Discerning Diners go back to The Moray.

The newly opened The Moray, hosted the Discerning Diners during the week, with their Reviews soon to come in. The "pay as you go" concept was interesting and worked well for a group not quite used to the digital wizardry now availabe to foody people. A consensus notion of excellent service at every level, dominated post Lunch footpath chatter. More  later.
The Banner pic here is one of David Hinchliffe's great tributes to New Farm.
Honor Food Co is a new little outlet serving quality food and coffee In NFand already locally tagged Honor on Sydney.  Sisters Erin and Emily come from an experienced catering background and have had an immediate impact on casual snack/dining habits in the area. Footpath and Courtyard options just add to the experience. We were told that all of the fare is made on site, with the exceptions of bread and pastries which are supplied by another New Farm icon, Choquette. It mattered little !
The menu is both fresh and seasonal, and we we’re told that the Porridge has become a big hit with morning customers and that the Bratwurst with rocket fuel, savoury bread and butter pudding and fresh daily salads are hitting all spots. Porridge was not an option with our lunch time arrival. We're not morning folk !
Feedback ?
Erin told us that NFP visitors are well catered for, as most foods can be in picnic packs to be taken away. We saw for the first time a “tiered picnic pack”. Very impressive !
The name honor has a Latin background, and means honesty and integrity.
We enjoyed our 2 hour mid morning experience, with some automatic double -ups. Coffee and snacks went down very well, backed up by impeccable service.
The "thumbs up" online stats. bring comfort to the duo. Go to Honor on Sydney
Rogue in Newstead Review:

Eventually we get lucky, find a not-quite-legal parking spot on the footpath, and walk back a quarter mile.

Arriving at the Rogue is the next big surprise... a brand new fresh looking modern style purpose-built restaurant with an open grassy-green covered area as the entrance, sitting there in a narrow space between two old buildings.
Once seated, we were impressed by the new and different choices on the menu ... a refreshing change from other lunchtime cafes.
And what about the name "Rogue". I think I have worked it out. The proprietors want to be out there, like a rogue elephant, on its own and not part of the herd.
FOOTNOTE : Don't drive there. Get a bus, or the City Cat. It's just a short walk from Newstead Park. And then you can choose a nice wine or two from their surprising selection.

 At full strength, we moved into the midst of Newstead’s automotive heartland where cars are sold, tested, repaired and detailed, sits a bistro named Rogue. It’s a brave move to position an up-market establishment here, but this tastefully converted suburban dwelling is proving to be a gastronomic oasis.

Enjoy a tasty, well-presented meal under $20, and peek across to the kitchen and watch the fare being prepared. The wine connoisseur in the party appeared well satisfied by the labels on offer.
Rogue seems to be enjoying the status of being ‘the local’ among the discerning denizens of nearby Mariners Reach, an achievement which portends long-term success.


REVIEW 3: Surprises come in all shapes and sizes;  tucked away, surrounded by car dealerships, warehouses and essentially general service industry, up pops Rogue. This place is seriously good. The Discerning Diners took some time on Menu selection, and all placed quite different orders. Crumbed Flathead, Bird, (what a sensational surprise), the compulsory Wagu Burger and then the delightful tangy beef salad, all resulted in platters licked very clean. Rogue is a great new addition to the area. Wine options are numerically limited but are of absolute quality. End of lunch “by the glass “ offers were much appreciated. The show and tell opportunity at the end of the day was enjoyed by all. We have here a very tasteful fit-out, in and out, coupled with some genuinely original and clever operational matters, which will likely send this group back for another visit. Rogue is in Austin Street, Newstead.






The NFP Kitchen


All day delights are available from the very reliable BBQ facilities in the Park. Our Chef Jamie, will feature single serve outcomes, (some do like to eat alone), in a quite simple, convenient and practical process. This particular fare involves the resurrection of the humble, but evergreen rissole. Assemble the following ingredients and sides and watch the action. Simple bliss !

Set BBQ heat levels to STANDARD.

  • Fresh asparagus stems
  • Free range eggs
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Generous olive oil
  • Organic parsley
  • Shaved parmesan
  • Italian styled bread
  • Your favourite tipple
  • Rissoles and condiments to suit

Top Tips:

  1. Make sure you start rissoles at least 10 minutes before the sides.
  2. Asparagus in this form is at its best slightly charred.
  3. The free range element served a fraction underdone, looks and tastes sensationally with the parmesan support. Apply condiments here.
  4. The Roma variety are so well suited because they hold their form.
  5. Avoid running out of tipple.
  6. Make sure the BBQ is left clean.

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