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At the moment, there is much commentary on what’s happening in New Farm Park. Recently, public concern has been expressed on matters involving the re-development options of the Summerhouse Kiosk,( see below) and even the decision to embrace the rose gardens beds with a most unusual concrete kerb has attracted strong comment. It’s been suggested that the Park may just have lost a little of its treasured appeal, but recent NFP crowds have been enormous with glorious winter days providing the perfect foil for ever inquisitive Brisbane travellers. We know that the Local Authority is forever vigilant and committed to ensure that the Park remains in the most appealing condition, providing an amenity to ever growing and yet now discerning visitor groups. We look forward in particular, to the final outcome on the Summerhouse proposals.



The Society has had yet another productive few months with their Monthly Meetings continuing to attract large and enthusiastic crowds. Quality Guest Speakers seem to be the key to the success and the June address by Elizabeth Bates, was no exception. As Senior Collections and Archive Manager for the Museum of Brisbane, Elizabeth discussed the historical and social significance and the background to a display of a recent finding of some hundreds of old photographs, now simply called the Elliot Collection.
The collection was discovered in a wooden cigar box in suburban Red HilI, Brisbane in 1983, and comprised 285 glass plate photographic negatives, of so many parts of Brisbane, in the period 1890 -1920 being covered by the Collection.
Chosen View – is an impressive initiative from the Museum, with this segment currently featuring as its first online exhibition specifically showcasing photographs from the Elliott Collection. It is a fascinating experience.



As community discussion on future NFP Summerhouse Kiosk options grows in both coverage and intensity, the likely operating guidelines likely to be included in any future Plans have been circulated to prospective Tenderers. Most will recall the burning down of the beautiful and very popular Kiosk over a decade ago, with attempts and efforts to replace it since, being the subject of protracted and sometimes bitter developments. The preferred replacement model involves refurbishment of the existing Bus Terminal Building, at the end of Brunswick Street, with selective and very regulated operations spreading into the adjacent Park areas. These regulations are essentially the same conditions prevailing in the original Kiosk. The early initiative  of temporary Coffee facilities near the Playground is now well established, to the relief and comfort of patrons.

Recent developments suggest that the Local Authority and other Parties are well advanced on conceptual ideas about the replacement of the Park’s fabled Kiosk. The impression above is the basis of the next stage of proceedings, with community consultation and general discussions now likely to play an important part in final outcomes Already there has been significant inputs from local residents enquiring as to the extent of the proposed operations of the new facility and how it may impact upon the overall amenity of that area of the Park.

All ongoing developments will be listed on this Site as soon as they become available. After a decade of absence, the new Summerhouse Kiosk and the delights that it will no doubt bring,are eagerly awaited.



Convenor and Editor - Chris Derrick




 In what is clearly stage 1 of the much sought after Summerhouse Solution, a new facility once again dispensing food and beverages, has been assembled in the Park. Bellissimo Coffee, well credentialed, popular and well known coffee people, have been appointed to operate an Outlet, for now, adjacent to the Playground area. Many will remember with great fondness, the delights of the old Summerhouse Kiosk, rather tragically burnt down over a decade ago. Options are being considered for a permanent replacement with Authorities methodically feeling their way, firstly with this initiative and then moving into community discussions on the proposed re-development of the Brunswick Street Bus terminal building. We can all hope for a speedy resolve.


 Kate Beeley conducts regular weekly classes in the Park helping Mothers get back to shape after the delights/rigours of childbirth. She has developed a unique programme, affectionately known as the BABY BOOT CAMP which is very well supported. Their gatherings can be seen adjacent to the Rotunda. More on
 Every Saturday, early morning Park visitors can see Rod Ferguson conducting his very popular , colourful, tranquil and quite haunting Tai Chi programmes involving very large numbers of followers and enthusiasts.
 The winter months in the Park feature week night training and then weekend fixtures for the large number of teams in the New Farm Junior Soccer Club. Home games on Saturday mornings have become a part of the community and social calendar.
On every second and fourth Saturday of every month, the Park hosts the very popular Jan Power’s Farmers Markets. Big crowds, quality product and colourful exhibitors, have made these Saturdays extremely popular for her loyal band of followers. A very impressive website awaits.

 We had a photographer stand in the middle of the Park and take a couple of shots to areas to the North, South, East & West of where he was standing.

Apart from the beautiful greenery such shots produce, it is clear that this area has undergone some very radical changes in recent times. The Park is flanked by some beautiful and stately homes, but increasingly, the form of construction of the New Farm buildings in which we choose to live, is changing. The skyline is different. Traffic flows are different. Our social habits are now different.


Still, it all adds to the ever increasing delights that New Farm continues to provide for, not only for its residents, but for all of the many, many visitors.

New Farm Park is a beautiful and diverse facility, ranking a very close No.2 in Brisbane, in a readers choice exercise carried out by the Council last year. will continue to provide an update on many related matters via this page. We have forged important link with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) and related Body Corporate experts, who will keep us all informed on the many issues confronting us as “dwellers” in general. Other related issues will be developed on matters specific to New Farm on our regular Site updates.

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