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June 2014

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Up to date News with Clive Palmer

I’m not worried about corruption allegations against me and I say Queensland's premier should be thrown in jail for failing to report them..Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney has referred me to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) over allegedly dodgy approaches by the mining magnate to buy political support.

Seeney has suggested that I sought special treatment for my western Queensland mining investments shortly after the LNP's landslide victory in 2012.

Seeney says police and the CMC weren't told about the corruption allegations at the time, but Premier Campbell Newman was.
I have done nothing wrong and says Newman and Seeney should have reported the allegations sooner if they were concerned. "The Premier was supposed to be the tier law officer of the state," I  said on Saturday. "And if the Premier heard this [allegation] he had an obligation to report it to the police, the CMC.

"The fact that he hasn't done so means that he has committed a criminal offence as well and should be thrown in jail, and this is not the end of things.

 Last week, i submitted an Article for Guardian Australia, regarding the Abbott Government's 2014 Budget. But this week, it appears that I messed up, and messed up badly. I am an idiot ! I had the country, whilst not eating out of my hands, was enthused at what I was trying to do. A fellow was sitting in his car in the New Farm Mitre 10 Carpark, in Brisbane, listening to late Monday Parliament. He heard my rant against Peta C. He phoned in with his concern, disappointment and dismay. I He expressed his regret at the speech, which was to a virtual empty Chamber. Terri Butler, my friend from Griffith did a lot of things very well in her address on the matter of Parental Leave. I should have left it with her. Late today, the 4th June, I sent a note off to Peta C., apologizing for the mis-guided comments of yesterday. I should have listened to the  caller from the New Farm Mitre 10. I messed up ! We move on.

My friend Barnaby, in the meantime simply can't help himself. What a boof !

Here are some edited extracts from that Article. My congratulations to Guardian Australia for their contribution to matters such as this. They have attracted a most discerning online readership. 

"The Budget proves once and for all that Australians can’t trust politicians. Most Australians were already aware that they couldn’t rely on the Labor party, after the revelations from NSW over the last couple of years. Now Tony Abbott is in power, and if they can’t trust him, who can they trust? What is the point of a dishonest system?

Australians began to desert the major parties in September, when a quarter of the electorate decided to vote for another party other than Labor or the Liberals. It continued in the Western Australian senate election in April, when 46% of Western Australians voted for a party other than Labor or the Liberal party. With a swing of more than 7% against the government (minus 5% for the Liberal party and minus 2% for the National party) the government was a clear loser.The Labor vote in WA crashed to its lowest level in more than a century, with just 21.5%.
Still, the mainstream media and commentators failed to report the significance of what was happening.

Palmer United will hold the balance of power in the new senate and yet we are still routinely excluded from opinion polls in most of the national papers. This is especially true of the Newspoll in the Australian and the Galaxy Poll in the Courier Mail.

Why is this so? Is it that the owner of Newspoll or the Courier Mail didn’t like what began in September last year, or are they just too slow to understand what is happening? To many Australians, it seemed those papers were just condemning themselves to extinction as they moved out of step with the electorate.

As the Government prepared its first budget, the spin doctors were working overtime, preparing for the moment when Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey would throw away the promises and the policies they took to the election. At Parliament House, lobbyists queued to see ministers and bombarded new members of Parliament with detailed submissions. BHP on the diesel rebate issue was most emphatic. And they won ! 

The Abbott government's first budget delivered for the lobbyists and donors of the Liberal party. The age of entitlement has arrived. But out in the western suburbs of Melbourne, in the Hunter Valley, in Western Australia and Queensland, in New South Wales and the Northern Australia and right across the nation, the people are moving. The 46% of voters that didn’t vote for Liberal or Labor in the Western Australian election may soon be 60%. The face of power and politics in Australia may be changing forever."


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