March Historical Society Meeting

March Historical Society Meeting

A great Saturday afternoon it was.

March Historical Society Meeting

Judith Marks, a descendant of the well-respected Brisbane surgeon Dr Charles F Marks (1852-1941), has access to a treasure trove of family heirlooms including glass photo negatives which provide captivating vignettes into Brisbane’s past. (see above)

 Judith was the guest speaker at the March Meeting of the New Farm and Districts Historical Society on Saturday 31 March.
Apart from his achievements as a medical practitioner, Dr Marks was a keen early car-owner and was one of the first members of the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ). His eight-horse-power Rambler (one of two shipped from New York to Brisbane in 1904) is thought to have been the first car to climb the Edward Street hill to Wickham Terrace where he lived and practised.
March Historical Society Meeting

“The Marks family first lived in Carlton at 109 Wickham Terrace in 1879,” explains Judith. “Three years later they moved to 101 Wickham Terrace into a new house for the family and medical practice.”

 Descendants of Dr Marks continued to live on Wickham Terrace until 1982, when the house was sold to developers. Silverton Place now stands on that spot. Elizabeth (Pat) Marks, the last resident, moved to Camp Mountain with all of the family memorabili
March Historical Society Meeting

 After her death in 2002, the family worked together to save as many historical documents and heirlooms as possible, including around 300 glass photo negatives in varying condition. 

 Students of Brisbane’s architectural history will remember that Dr Marks’ famous stepson was Robin Dods (1868-1920). There are several local Dods’ structures including an existing home in Abbott Street, and the century-old London Woolstores in Teneriffe.
(Acknowledgements to NF&DHS's Gerard B.)

New Farm Park HistoryNew Farm Park History

Convenor and Editor - Ross Garnett

New Farm Park History

Welcome to a wide ranging episode of everything that is New Farm Park. The history of this quite iconic facility goes back some substantial years, perhaps even generations. We have assembled some delightful contributions from a number of committed and enthusiastic  scribes snd sources, whose efforts are largely responsible for the high profile and public exhuberance that the Park enjoys today.

New Farm Park History

The day also featured a spectacular address by Faye Schutt on matters surrounding General Douglas MacArthur’s role and presence in wartime Brisbane. A very complete slideshow of pictures acquired by the MacArthur Museum, here in Brisbane, kept everyone enthralled.

My recollections of the snippets included: the narcissus-like approach adopted by the General, when it came to his Army Cap. Seemingly whilst in Brisbane, it got a little wet and without proper remedial treatment, it shrank a little. Horror, horror ! Replacements were made and flown in, his vanity caused ongoing consternation within the ranks.  

Some enjoyable Lennons Hotel moments also came to light.

New Farm Park History

An old picture of the AMP Building was shown and was followed by some most interesting commentary. The entire Building was seconded by the Americans, with the operations of the Insurance giant confined to the Ground Floor.

The Society finished 2008 on a high note with the publication of “Reflections on New Farm”, the biggest selling book Mary Ryan Bookshop, in the New Farm Village has ever stocked. 2009 appears to following the trend with high expectations coming from our current release, "Tides of Teneriffe".

As you know, two thousand copies of "Reflections" were printed – yes 2000 ! This was real venture in faith by the Committee, a decision that has more than vindicated by the remarkable sales to date. After less than 3 months, around 1500 books have been sold. We thank those who continue to support the Society by “gossiping the good news” about the Book and those who sell them on our behalf. In particular, we are grateful to Chris Purdy and the staff at Mary Ryan in New Farm, for their enthusiastic recommendation of the book to their customers. We have adopted the same marketing thrusts with our new release.

As a small group of volunteers, we could never have tapped into the markets the book has now reached.  We still have Bookmarks and Order Forms that you could use to spread the news about the bookAs a small group of volunteers, we could never have tapped into the markets the book has now reached.  We still have Bookmarks and Order Forms that you could use to spread the news about the book.

We are also grateful for the support, at no charge to us, from local media outlets “Village News” and “The Independent” as well as radio stations.

The Society, has many of its Newsletter items featured elsewhere on this Site, including the April 2009 issue.


New Farm Park History

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