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Editorial numbers for NFP, are about to be increased, with Charlotte Mackinney soon to to join our ranks. Charlotte will be spending much of her spare time, touring the Park, taking both notes and pics, and loading them up onto the Site. She has an eye for the "different", so we'll all be looking forward to her contributions. Not for just yet, but when your next trip to the Park needs some airing, just contact Charlotte on charlottemackinney@newfarmpark.com.au

Did you know that New Farm Park attracts more than18,000 visitors each week, coming from all parts of Brisbane and beyond, with 80% of those numbers not living in the immediate local area. They come to the Park to picnic, to play, to eat, to dance, to ponder, to gaze and wonder at the true magnificence of the Park. First timers blend in beautifully with NFP regulars. Eighteen hectares of superbly planned horticultural delights, flanked by a myriad of community and commercial precincts totally at peace with the environment in which they find themselves.

 The Park has many stakeholders, principally the city of Brisbane and the many talented and committed people within the Council who have overseen the development and protection of the Park in good times and bad. New Farm Park is one of the most popular and much loved recreational facilities in all of Brisbane.

JUST ON:  It is Jacaranda time of the year again and commentary on the 2016 display is mixed. Better than past years or not ? This bannere was taken in 1992, looking back towards the Soccer field on your right.

Yet another sensational Teneriffe Festival provided entertainment plus, for a huge and enthusiastic crowd, yesterday. On this first Saturday in July, for quite a few years, 4006 plays host to the best Street Parade perhaps anywhere in the State. Blessed with glorious Brisbane winter weather, folk were fed, informed and thoroughly entertained. You can re-live many of the highliights on the WEEKEND GALLERY, accessed by the Slideshow of HIGHLIGHTS, just to the left.

With the delights of Spring soon to be with us, an NFP enthusiast has reminded us of the joys that the Seasons bring to Parks and Gardens all around the world. Freshness and newness take over from the near dormant regime of the winter months. Global and local gardens of immeasurable quality and variety, provide so much both to those who develop, nurture and oversee them as well as the millions of visitors who come simply to see them. One of our favourites is the Giverney Garden, a short distance from Paris, France. This global treasure was the home of Claude Monet, spending a goodly part of his life there. Whilst most of his child and teen years were spent with his parents in the city of Le Havre, his surroundings at Giverny provided him with much of the opportunities to develop an art form, of which he is clearly one of its founders. Impressionism ! There is so much to enjoy about this man and his work. You can start here: www.artsy.net/artist/claude-monet . Here are some logistical facts on the Park's operations that will be of importance to many. The Park is essentially open 24/7, but those contemplating the involvement of motor vehicles, will need to know, that the gates on Brunswick Street, open in the mornings at 8.30 and close at 11.00 at night, each and every day. Psst ....a little bit earlier opening times on the weekends .

What a day ! The Italian Community, in its unquestioned enormity, came to NFP this Sunday. and certainly conquered. Huge crowds were at another Italian Expo held in New Farm Park, and the mood was simply one of pleasure and excitement. A little bit of the day has been secured within our WEEKEND GALLERY, accessed via the Slideshow of HIGHLIGHTS, found on the mid-left of the homepage. Many thanks to all of those charming folk who found themselves suddenly at the probing end of a camera. They all did so very well !

Newsletter Registrations await !

There has been some interesting and even intriguing additions to the local NF eateries. Located at the roundabout at Sydney and Brunswick Streets, two newcomers have already made thier marks. Crowds in recent times have been most encouraging. My introductory visit to one was rewarded with a free bottle of water, and there were many of those on every occupied table. At this time of the year, that is simply clever. More details will be loaded up coming from this weekend's breakfast visit, this time just around the corner in Sydney Street.

That multi-cell severe thunderstorm which ripped across most parts of Brisbane brought about carnage to property and facilities in a way not seen in these parts for a very long time. The Park did not totally escape damage. The pic above was taken 20 miniutes before the storm hit NF, with Friday revealing much of the beautiful Poinciana bloom now resplendant as a carpet of red and orange. By any criteria, this season's Poinciana display, right across the City, has been the best, also for a very long time. Most of the early summer flowering trees are already quite magnificent and none more so than the Poinciana. 

An unusual Brisbane dry winter, coupled with overall difficult and testing conditions, put various species under a sort of stress. But this stress, together with timely rain, encourages flowering, which ensures seed production which assists in the process of the survival of that species; even getting it ready for next Season. Poinciana blooms range from dark orange to quite intense reds, and to this observer, the beauty and fullness of this year's crop is quite something to behold. (Source; MJK)

G 20 activities are now over, with our fair City already doing some remarkable things. Crowd frenzy has been measured and perhaps a little hesitant, but by the end of Saturday, seriously embellished by the folksy Obama visit to UQ, the Summit has come to life. There will be pictures by the millions circulated wherever by whomever. Our beautiful ABC has contributed some of them here. More later and in the meantime, just enjoy !

The Park is now resplendent with a very impressive Back-Flow Prevention Device. As a part of the Council's Flood Mitigation Policies, these Devices have been selectively installed thoughout many river-side suburbs. This installation and its most interesting backgound and expectations, will be featured prominently within the July NFP Newsletter, together with some great time lapse pics.

Wednesday, the 10th September 2014, provided us all with a bit of quality late afternoon Royal Commission entertainment, when the bitter and also the twisted, sat in disappointment as their target for so long had just slipped out of their clutches. They were all hurting and hurting badly. The day and the build up to it, has been beautifully and accurately covered by this link from the ABC’s Jonathan Green. And friend Julia, gracefully moves on ! 

At last ! the end

Her upcoming Book Launch, beautifilly organized with Dame QB, will be of Hawthorn type levels.

Fun and Games this past week or so, with the Government in total disarray, with every bit self inflicted. Loose and quite uninformed cannons were everywhere to be seen and heard. One radio scribe suggested that with the current LNP Coalition, "you can't even take the p**s, when thay are giving it away". Boofy perfromances from Abetz and Brandis were inevitable. I'd be thinking that more ineptness will follow. These boys are very good at it. The PM can be seen at his best in this little clip we found.

The very best of Tony Abbott !

With the Senate about to discuss/debate the apparent loosening of reqiurements of the Financial Services Industry, against the strong advice of all Consumer Groups, this little quip was picked up courtesy of Fairfax Media. "leave a gap under the door too small for a cockroach to crawl under and a financial engineer will still install an Empire".

Good and compliant friends are easy to find !

Just a quick note to congratulate Rupert M. and all of the good folk at News Ltd. He was and still is, a powerful man.The OZ celebrates its 50th Birthday today and is really enjoying the moment, which for many, is a genuine entitlement. To others, recent Murdoch outpourings have not been totally objective, with the words "bile", "unbalanced" and "vindictive" sadly creeping into their approach to news. It wasn't always the case.

One of the month's very best Hockey moments as reported by friend Col.

I am not surprised Hockey is tired of leaners. After all, his government has been leant on by Murdoch, Bolt, Jones, the IPA, The Sydney Institute, big mining and a myriad of others who helped them lie their way to an election win.

This little clip will stay on for a little while. The ABC's exceptional Sarah Ferguson conducted the year's best Interview this week. A couple of authoritative women talking about things they value. This sort of thing would be beyond the boofish presence of that fellow Bolt. Have a look and enjoy !


Some harrowing times for the Coalition Government over these past few days, with some genuine incompetence being displayed by their people in the Senate. Taking some quite devious short-cuts in the drafting of some PUP related Legislation, they brought about an embarrassing postponement of the repeal of the Carbon Tax. PM, Abbott was less than pleased.

That same man has had another setback in matters involving the "punching of a wall", way back in his assertive Student Days. We found this link, which suggests that the previously denied incident, may well have taken place.But who's surprised ?

Another Bolt back down !

Joke of the day from Peter A. : A Liberal, a PUP and a Public Servant walk into a Restaurant and have a meal !     ... It's a cracker, isn't it ?


Another interesting outcome for all of those wanting to see how much of the electorate is relating to key Budgetry matters, have a look at this Link, being an assembly of Poll results over the past month or so. Perennial keyboard huggers are the main responders to these sorts of questions/polls and much of the subject matter can likely lead to extremes of opinion. Still they all vote and 12/12 certainly sends a message. Just log on.

And now what's ahead for Labor ! Responsible remedial Federal and State Budgetry work is certainly required, and it won't be easy for Governments to do. Unsustainable fiscal positions are just that, and remedial measures certainly have to be put in place. That said, the notions of equity and fairness have to be the cornerstones of any action. To be shared by all, is the mantra. This Government and the man who so shamefully leads it, seem to be adopting a type of ideology payback. Quite predictable, but it doesn't have to be the case.

Many of LABOR'S current ills have been self inflicted, with some external influences thrown in. Many good people have been lost. Where does the Party go from here ? Conviction is required. Visionary and successful people have to be attracted to LABOR. Haters will not and cannot play a part in the next stages of the Party's development. There are already ample of them elsewhere.

Welcome Troy Bramston. More of that later.

Let’s all take our time in our Budget analysis; be well prepared, be relevant and be assertive. There will be plenty of scope for LABOR reactions and opinion. We have some very good exponents of detailed dissection of the issues and then the follow-up of positive and authoritative commentary. They must be used.

It was written last week that A dose of Labor bipartisanship would also make the Government’s budget sales job, already hampered by the failures to concede broken promises, much harder, as the pain will be indeed felt far and wide’, That just makes sense.

More later.

 Lord Mayor Graham Quirk continues to make progress in the City's pursuit of being the cleanest, greenest City in Australia. An opportunity is never lost to immediately replace ageing tree stock,and the trees damanged by various storm events. NFP suffered selective tree loss in the severe storm in Januray 2012. Councillor Vicki Howard was seen at the Park last week overseeing some new Jacaranda Plantings. Over 100 trees are planned for this current activity, spread over 13 locations in our inner-north suburbs.

Park visitors in recent weeks have been intrigued by a relatively rare activity by Council Arborists, doing investigative work on the root structure of a number of the ring road Jacarandas. The Council’s Asset Services Arboriculture Unit has used compressed air equipment to undertake detailed root plate inspections on thirteen of the Park’s more mature Jacaranda trees. Council’s records show that these trees are 100 years old and are located on the NFP ring road between the tennis courts and the Rotunda. Following the failure of several of these trees between 2006 and 2008, a commitment was made by Council in 2009, to inspect the root plates every 5 years. The inspection goal is to identify any issues that might impact upon the structural integrity of the tree, such as damaged structural roots or root decay/disease. This type of proactive inspection is also an opportunity to assess the soils directly around each tree. The planned work took 3 days to inspect all of the13 trees and we’ve been advised that no problems with the roots were identified. Good work !

All of the Park's trading times are mentioned on the homepage, via the thumbnail WHAT'S ON, just on your left.

On Australia day, unsurprprisingly, the Park enjoyed huge and enthusiastic crowds today. Pics of many of these gatherings were taken and they all feature somewhere on the Site as the banner pic. Just keep clicking and you'll find them, from the nodules above to all homepage thumbnails. There was some great collaborative work done by so many. Well done to you all. We'll change the home page banner every few days or so.

One surely must have noticed the current expansive construction activity at the NFP shoreline. Starting last month and expected to be completed in the New Year, the Project is a vital Council initiative, as a part of their Flood Mitigation Programme for the City. Back Flow Prevention Devices are being installed to the existing Stormwater facility in the Park (see pic just above). The current activity involves the creation of a dry working environment, not affected by the ebbs and flows of Brisbane River tides. An area has been effectively de-watered with the use of sheet and inter-joining piles, driven into the river bed This temporary enclosure is called a coffer, and enables the actual installation of the Devices to proceed. Many pics of progress so far already can be found in the section WEEKEND GALLERY, sourced via the slideshow of HIGHLIGHTS to the the mid-left.

In what are quite exciting times, Wednesday the 11th December will see the opening of the new Summerhouse Kiosk/Cafe located within the old Bus Terminus building at the bottom of Brunswick Street. It has been very cleverly re-badged END OF THE ROAD COFFEE. Highlights of the Opening and so much more, including the impressive reviews of the new Owners, will be featured within the pop-up facility on this homepage and elsewhere. Timings are almost perfect, the Park now experiencing huge daily numbers, with Yuletide activities and celebrations being the norm. Breakfast at Sunrise will be something to savor !

Staying on the eating front, we will be featuring many other local operators over coming weeks.The very popular Double Shot-New Farm, found in leafy Oxlade Drive, a few hundred metres from the NFP front entrance, the evergreen Vine Caffe Restaurant found at the chic end of Merthyr Road, the superb Balfour Hotel, the sensational newly opened Da Burger outlet at 876 Brunswick Street, and the popular Pablo, also in Brunswick Street, will lead us off. The Burger outlet is just opposite Subway and the Sun & Earth Organics Shop.

David Hinchliffe, the suburb's long departed local Councillor, has continued to expand his very successful and now global artistic flair and talents, with another delightful showing of recent works at the Graydon Gallery, in Merthyr Road. At last report, David was ranked number 4 in the category, "New Farm's favourite Son", a position well earned. He is well known, liked and respected in these parts. Last Wednesday's opening night at the Gallery, was for me, the highlight. This next week sees selected NF notables featuring as David's selected subjects, with some intimate start-up portraiture work being done at the Gallery. It will be a most interesting circumstance, with guests treated to a guided tour of how these things are put together. More information on taking in this experience is available on the Hinchliffe website www.davidhinchliffeartist.com.au. It's a very good read !

 Late September through to mid October, the purple Jacaranda blooms sit magnificently and abundantly on the many trees in the Park, gradually and eventually  falling to an equallly beautiful carpet of bloom. The ring-road is flanked by many of the Jacarandas, including those recent plantings, following a very necessary replacement programme. It is a most impressive display. The Sydney Street boundary has provided, what has been said to be the best display for quite some time. Some background to the Jacaranda appears in our HORTICULTURAL section, accessed from the Slideshow of HIGHLIGHTS to the left.
 Our homepage pic features one of the interested opening night people with many more pics included with our WEEKEND GALLERY, sourced from the slideshow of HIGHLIGHTS  to our mid-left.

The "cartoonist" and Reporter is none other but Wendy Allen, whose background and talents are brilliantly portrayed within her own website, www.wendyallen.com.au  , with no obvious reference to her latent nautical skills. She fits in beautifully with the WAGS experience. Log on, it's a great informative read.

Another few weeks have passed and we say farewell to yet another spectacular Teneriffe Festival. Huge crowds, much to see and do, post Festival discussions will surely focus on this sensational local event and how it will be so much better next year, Diverse and enthusiastic crowds feasted upon a wide variety of local activities.Features include many of the local commercial organizations, complementing the beautiful stories to be told about the origins of Teneriffe.Organizers can take a very big bow ! Activities here in the Park were predictably somewhat muted. Many pics of the day will be loaded up within the WEEKEND GALLERY++, sourced from the Slideshow of HIGHLIGHTS to your mid-left.

Possibly the worst end of week one could have, and yet now leading into some brilliant School Holiday conditions. It's going to be a very big fortnight !

During the week, a few NF folk took in their traditional WAGS event, down at Manly.

It is of course, their mid week pursuit, Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing. Some great pics came out of last Wednesday's event, with some beautiful sunset shots as boats limped back to harbour at the completion of racing. Pics of the day can be seen in the WEEKEND GALLERY, sourced via the Slideshow of HIGHLIGHTS to your left. The WAGS link makes great reading.


 Simply terrible conditions for the past long weekend,but relief is in sight. Weddings have always featured in Park activities, playing an important and most appropriate role in Brisbane society. The Rotunda continues to provide a delightful facility for these nuptials and bookings suggest that Spring weddings are still very much in vogue.

These weeks past have seen a beautiful white yacht moored just off the Park's eastern walkway. Our Newsletter of next week provides some background to its presence, having recenty completed a 20,000 kilometre journey across the Pacific. 

Some highlights of the trip can be seen on the following video link. Great material.

New Farm Navigators

Weekends see enthusiastic and very large crowds taking in the weather delights of both days. One new addition to activities is an energetic game of Volleyball played out by regulars, in the centre regions of the Park. Even attracting many a relaxed lot of onlookers. There are many more pics. to be seen in the WEEKEND GALLERY, sourced from the adjacent Slideshow of HIGHLIGHTS.
 This City of Brisbane, continues to do things very well. Recent school holidays saw huge crowds celebrating the re-opening of our beautiful City Hall. The very expensive but exceptional restoration programme has been some years in the making, commencing in 2010. Those in the guided tours were in unambiguous awe of what they were seeing. The unique Museum of Brisbane was a favourite amongst many, together with the Clock Tower outcomes, but the overriding sentiment I felt, was the acknowledgement of the beauty, the charm, the finesse and the quality of this restoration Project.  You should all go !

There is more to be seen via the ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Slideshow on the adjacent left and for a complete "show and tell" of these past three years, go to 


  There exists in these parts, an erstwhile and enthusiastic group who regulary visit the eateries of the region, dabbling, enjoying and then providing feedback on all of their culinary experiences and pleasures. This week the group , tagged the Discerning Diners, took in ROGUE, in Austin Street, Newstead. The outcomes of the visit can be seen and enjoyed, via the  adjacent RESTAURANTS Slideshow/Highlights. Read on. Much more on www.roguebistro.com That too, is done exceptionally well.






Of particular interest is the roof-top Covered Play Area, which has been completed only in recent days. It dominates the southside skyline. Views from there to all parts of Brisbane, will be something to behold.
Much more information on the Project can be obtained from the Constructor’s website;  www.rohrig.com.au








I'm off to buy Troy Bramston's new book "Rudd, Gillard and Beyond"
For those who sincerely care and want to see the restoration of LABOR into a sensible and responsible community mindset, this should be compulsory reading.
Changes muat be made.




Hockey mustn't be able to step into the main hall in Parliament without running into some corporate bagman, industry heavy or fat pin striped lobbyist looking to lean on him for a favour here, an appointment there.
Time to come clean Joe and rid yourself of the real leaners.




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